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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  September 14, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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cxsx b the government-fund study that is out says there is no
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link between government and the childhood vaccines. researchers for the cdc taxed more than 1 how children born between 1994 and 1999. after reviewing immunization records of the children ad their mothers, they found no link between vaccinations and the development of autism. the fta is now considering pulling a dangerous diet pill off the market. meridia was shown to increase the chans of heart attack and stroke. that was almost a year ago but there are no guarantees the fda will pull the plug. the increased risk was slight but european regulators pulled meridia off the market in january. coming up next on fox 5 morning news, riders at risk on metro. thieves have their eyes on your i-pods and cell phones. we'll show you how not to become a victim. we'll bring you latest on today's weather forecast. tucker hard at work. and we'll have a look at the
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tropics as well. quite active out there. julie wright is here. she will have a look at traffic. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back.
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welcome back. it will be a beautiful day for people to get outside no matter what you are going to do. >> no excuses as far as the weather goes. get outside and vote if have you the opportunity and it is your obligation to do that. what we've got across the region is plenty of sunshine. it will be a little bit breezy later on. right now, the wind are relatively calm. we've got changes in the temperatures at this hour. it is a comfortable morning, a little bit humid. 66degrees right now in washington. 6 # out in annapolis. 63 out in annapolis.
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most of us in the 60s. 61 at dulles airport. satellite-radar, i want to show you this to you for a couple of reasons. number one, we've got mostly clear skies but clouds are grinning to stream in. not a whole lot in the way of cloud cover. there is a frontal system that will be making its way through here during the course of the day today. you will feel the winds pick up and see the clouds come through. after that, we'll see clearer skies. the kind of fronted, cooler and drier air. there is precipitation out there. that will not make its way in here. that moves down to the south. we'll have pleasant conditions for today and for tomorrow. tropics, i want to show you the tropics. they are very active again this morning. this is hurricane igor. as you know, you've been watching it for the last couple of days. still a category four hurricane. it does pose a threat to bermuda by this weekend.
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this is a new hurricane. hurricane julia just formed. it just became a hurricane. maximum sustained winds, 75 miles per hour. julia, she is knew. we have to get used to her. here is your forecast for washington for today. breezy at times. high 82. not bad at all. right around normal. just a couple of degrees above normal. tonight, a few clouds. cool temperatures in the 60s some of you in the upper 50s. the five-day forecast is a quiet week. next chance of rain is thursday night into early friday morning. some showers possibly, temperatures right about where they should fob the remainder of the week and good amounts of sunshine for most of the week as well. that is the latest on what is happening with the weather. now, let's get more on morning's rush hour traffic with julie. >> not a lot happening at this hour. traffic running smoothly in each direction down south at
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the wilson bridge. the beltway holding steady. no problems between annandale and merrifield. the lanes are open as you work your way around towards 270. still a portion of old annapolis road shut down in each direction near florence. that is over at wood brine road due to an early morning crash with a utility pole knocked down at the scene. lanes are open on i-95. no problems reported out of woodbridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. they help you pass your time on the metro commute but as much as you love your cell phone, ipod or laptop, so do the criminals. robberies are on the rise. from january until june, nearly 550 robberies occurred. that is up about 160 from the year before. will thomas rode the rails with metro transit police to help you cruise your chance of
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becoming a victim. >> reporter: we are talking about personal robberies not only to trains but on buses. captain leslie campbell of metro transit police joining us. let's talk about who makes a good victim. there is a spike in this type of crime this year so far. as you look around on this platform at gallery place, who is potentially a victim. >> anybody with an electronic device and they are not paying attention on the surrounding. you look over here you have a young lady. >> can we approach? >> sure. >> reporter: ma'am, i'm will thomas. >> i want to let you know we are experiencing a spike in robberies of electronic devices and will remooned to you keep your electronic device out of sight, pay attention to your surroundings. railroad are you telling people not to use their phones, not to use their ipods whether they're commuting? >> no, we're asking people to be more careful and more vigilant while they use them.
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>> reporter: as we board, madeleine albright can you tell us who is potentially vulnerable in here. >> this i can't right here. he is not looking around. >> reporter: and right by a door. >> or this young lady here utilizing her electronic device in the open, not paying attention on what is going on around. >> reporter: where are the crime occurring, on the train, on the platform? >> they are occurring in a variety of places. on the train, the most vulnerable area is standing by the door. >> they come up and go out the door. >> reporter: they're gone. >> they want to make sure that he natch your phone as the door chimes are chiming and the doors are closing. they are outside the train and you are still stuck on the train. our riders should secure the electronic device so they don't become a victim. >> what are you doing tray police perspective to try to get these guys. >> >> we are using a variety of
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patrol tactics whether it is saturation or using our plainclothes officers. >> captain campbell, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> i'm will thomas if he gallery place metro stop for fox 5 news. >> the captain recommends you program the number for metro transit police communications in your home. we put the number online at under web links. coming up next, have you ever wondered what happens what i gas line erupts into a raging fireball? you are going to see for yourself in newly released surveillance video. that is coming up next.
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making headlines, last week's massive gas pipe explosion near san francisco. pg & e is set ago side $100 million to help the victims of that tragedy. so far the remains of four people have been found and four others are still missing. ancely earhart has latest. >> she sat down on the step just like to tax a breather because of the fire and smoke and the fire just engulfed her. >> reporter: david lost his mother in the san bruno blast. >> my mom had been calling gas for the last three weeks and they called pg & e out there and they just look around and said okay and they go back without doing anything. >> reporter: surveillance video
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captured this chaotic scene inside a nearby supermarket. at this service station, a huge fireball comes dangerously close to the gas pump. >> it was two blocks away but it looked like the house beminus was on fire. >> reporter: reports of gas being smelled in the area prior to the explosion are being examined by the ntsb. three segments of pipe have been crated and are headed to washington, d.c. >> it will undergo an extensive and detailed examination to help determine what caused the pipes to be breached. >> reporter: utility workers look at this area. >> emotional. we're getting through. >> pg & e is setting up a fund of up to $100 million to help in the restoration of this town. >> reporter: the california public utilities commission is now demanding that pg & e
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inspect over 5,000 miles of pipeline for natural gas leaks. ainsley air hooter, fox news. researchers from the university of georgia say they found patches of oil on the gulf of mexico's sea floor. some are believed to be the from the bp leak as much as 80 miles away. the oil measures two inches deep in some places. the government has said 75% of the 100 million plus gallons of the crude that leaked into the gulf has disappeared. testing is now beginning to see if the oil on the floor of the gulf is from that d.c. well. again, our top story this morning, it is the primary day in the district and in maryland. we have live team coverage coming up after the break. can you find the latest updates on our web site, let's take a look outside at 270 at montrose road. with have the latest forecast from tony coming up and julie has traffic next.
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ksgo t
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we want to welcome tony perkins back into the mix with a look at our forecast for this primary election day. >> sometimes the cameras get stuck. >> come on in. >> things look good for today. got used to this type of thing. you will see a lot more of this. >> this is the future. >> the future is here.
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we'll get to the graphics. right now, we are in the 60s and the 50s in parts of the area. what is that? 66degrees in the nation's capital. 58 in baltimore. 61 at dulles airport. winchester at 67 degrees. not a bad start to the day. what am i seeing, tucker? is that something new we're doing. here is the satellite-radar. we have a few clouds moving through. we'll see mostly sunny skies today. morning clouds coming through and then more sunshine. your forecast looks like this. mostly sunny skies. breezy at times. high 82 degrees. and when i say breezy, those wind could gust up to 20 25 miles per hour. great day to get out and cast your ballot today. >> the weather should be great for it as well. julie wright, should be great for people on the roadways too. >> it is not looking so bad right now. you will find the lane are open as you continued to work your
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way across the wilson bridge. light traffic volume on kenilworth avenue head the south. new york avenue traffic running smoothly leaving northeast to northwest. no trouble spots to report if you are traveling south on 270 out of rockville. lanes are open as you continue south. you will also find lanes are open continuing across the american legion bridge headed out towards tysons corner. 66 traffic behaving nicely as you travel in from manassas so far. northbound i-95 picking up the usual suspects out of newington. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. our top story is the election as voters in maryland and the district head to polls today to cast their vote in the primaries. >> we have live team coverage this morning. stacy cohan is in prince george's county covering the race for county executive and matt ackland is in the district covering the mayor's race. we start with matt at the mlk library polling place. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. we understand both mayoral
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candidates are up early this morning. both mayor fenty and chairman gray are up trying to get out the vote. we understand actually right now, mayor fenty is holding a rally along georgia avenue to get people all fired up. mayor fenty will kick off off the day at that rally. then we are told he plans to head over to the sharp school near his house on 1th street northwest. chairman gray will vote between 7:00 and 70 at the senior wellness center along alabama avenue in southeast. than both candidates plan to head out across the city and encourage fox to vote in their favor. in fact, we had a chance for follow both candidates yesterday on their last day to get out the vote. here what is they had to say to us. >> we heard people in many
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instances talk about anybody but fenty. we'll vote for another candidate. but i think in the nearly six months we've run this campaign, i've heard people would had that attitude actually transition to another place. >> today, we are basically going to every ward in different parts of the city, reminding people about effect we've done for the past four years, how far washington, d.c. has come and how excited we are to take it even further for four more years. >> reporter: all right. so you heard from both of mayoral candidates. the polls open here in d.c. in about an hour and a half. there are also a number of other candidates on the ballot today, just to read through them, ward one ward three, ward five are ward six all up for grabs. there is an at-large seat, the chairman seat and also delegate to the house of representatives. all of those we're going to be watching closely. only an hour and a half and things should be going here in downtown d.c. back to you guys.
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>> a lot of races to consider. we have extensive one on one interviews with both d.c. mayor adrian fenty and his opponent and council chair vincent gray on just look for the links on the home page. d.c. not the only place with important primaries. in maryland, vote are will cast their ballots for the septa primary and the governor's race. in prince george's county, voters will decide who will be the next county executive. stacy cohandown us live from maryland with the latest there. >> good morning. this has been a very hard fought race. there are a number of races out here in prince george's county as well. there are several state delegate seats up for grabs that are also some hotly contested races but the leadership of this country is ate critical juncture and we are looking at the two strongest candidates for county executive. first off, there is mike jackson. he has been the sheriff in this country for two terms. he has less experience on the legislative side than his and thor rushern baker. mike jackson does have the
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endorsement of jack johnson. rush were bake are has run twice and he did nearly unseat jack johnson back in 2006. both men are stumping ogee indication reform, crime fighting and efforts to lift this county from an economic slump. >> my name is in congressional record. we are nationally recognized for my child support initiative. we placed did he have at this sheriffs in the schools to help mentor and guide our young people. >> >> reporter: we have spoken to rushern baker many times before. we were for the able to catch up with him on the campaign trail yesterday. this morning, i'm at eleanor roosevelt high school. the polls open here at 7:00 a.m. and will be open until 8:00 p.m. we'll keep you posted through outthe day. another big race is the race for maryland governor. bob ehrlich picked up the endorsement of senator john mccain. he says he thinks ehrlich is a
5:37 am
fine guy. ehrlich's opponent is democratic incumbent mart martin o'malley who spent the day on the campaign trail as well. we'll bring you poll results right here on fox 5 and on the primaries in d.c. an maryland are not the only elections we are watching today. votes head to the polls in six other states. in delaware, mike cassel is facing a challenge from tea party christine o'donnell. republicans think their best chance of winning is cassel. the other states holing primaries include wisconsin, new hampshire, rhode island, new york and massachusetts.
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coming up next, the massive wildfires in colorado appear to have been sparked by accident. we'll have the latest after the break solve the a virginia man found tied up and shot to death in his own home and police think a speed bump is what sparked a deadly dispute. we'll explain why coming up next. -- a virginia man found tied up and shot to together in his on home and police think a speed bump is what sparked a deadly dispute ais,rc
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it appears that a speed bump may be the cause of a
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murder and home invasion in springfield, virginia. steven karr convinced official to put in a speed bump in front of his home. his neighbor, david patton, was reportedly with respect set about the speed bump. police say he broke into karr's house and tied up karr and his girlfriend. when karr's roommate came home, police say patton chased him and the girlfriend ran upstairs and called 911. >> it is sat, really unfortunate to think people can fly off the handle that much over a speed bump, that it could be that bad. >> karr and patton apparently got into an alter indication back in june and they were supposed to go to court on thursday. patton is now charged with murder. anew wildfire spreading across 900 auctioners in colorado. this time, it is in loveland, colorado. investigators think this one
5:42 am
starred when someone burned a brushfire. the fire in boulder continues to burn. coming up next on fox 5 morning news, the blizzards we saw this past winter are creating a new blizzard of activity at local hospitals. we'll explain coming up after the break. we'll get the latest forecast from tony. cog up. julie has traffic coming up as well. ce dgo t
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this will cool you down as we flash back seven months ago as we were all buried in snow. pa lurntly some folks were heating things up because a lot of you were doing some nogling. doctors say they are ready to deliver more babies than usual in the next few months. >> we've seen a tremendous surge as we get into the fall for the number of deliveries. laugh year, we did about 1350 deliveries and we are expecting we may get to 200 more deliveries this year. >> doctors we talked to say their patients readily admit they are having blizzard babies. >> probably kind of easy to target or know for sure. they can figure it out.
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>> the weather gets blamed for a lot of stuff. >> yes, it does. that is one of them. we don't have any way to blame not getting out to the polls today on the weather. >> yeah, it will be a fine day today. we have very pleasant conditions. it will be breezy during the course of date but we'll see sunshine and some decent temperatures. let's start with your bus stop forecast as you prepare to get the kids ready for school. partly cloudy skies this morning. cool temperatures primarily in the mid-60s although we do have some spots where it is as cool as the upper 50s. mostly mid-60s. sunrise in morning will be at 6:49. here a look at the current temperatures around the region. 66 take right now in the nation's capital. 63 down at quantico. 57 in frederick, maryland. out it our west in winchester, it is 66 degrees there as well. satellite-radar composite for
5:47 am
the region, a few clouds coming through this morning so, wade frontal boundary that will be passing through this morning as the cold front. it will not make it cold but it will become breezy, bring some clouds. nothing in the way of precipitation for us. and then cooler, drier air in place behind it. the main focus is drier air with calm conditions. it does get breezy behind that fronted. we could see our winds gust up to 20, 25 miles per hour for a short time later on today. then the high pressure builds in and today is fine. wednesday looks great as well. sunny skies, highs around 80 degrees. so your forecast for today, mostly sunny skies. breezy at times. 82degrees for your high. and then for your five-day forecast tomorrow, as i said, quiet conditions. sunny, 81 degrees. not all that humid. thursday is our next chance of rain i think late in the day, really probably thursday night into the first part of friday
5:48 am
and then things look good as we head towards the weekend as well. a relatively quiet weather week. that is a look at what is happen with the weather. now, lets gate an update on traffic with julie wright. >> yuley, i haven't talked to you since before the game on sunday. >> you know, that happened yesterday. wear moving on. >> of course, you have, julie. >> yeah, it was funny. i was telling everybody, you know, can i text tony perkins from a club, from a concert and i get no reply. he is tailgating at fedex field and the phone is blowing up. here we are on the roads. the lanes are open with no accidents to report as you travel from college park headed through silver spring and around towards 270. lanes are open on 95 and 295. stts i'll an easy ride out of laurel for you. no trouble spots to report at the wilson bridge. if you are traveling up in howard county, we do have a roadway blocked this morning
5:49 am
because ofable early morning accident with a pole down on the highway. in virginia, 395 across the 14th street bridge, there is good-bye a change in the traffic pattern. everybody shifted to the right as you continue across the potomac headed for the southeast-southwest freeway. can you still make this exit here that would lead you on to the bw parkway and head on to the memorial bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. making headlines this morning, a dogfight in adams morgan. two dogs really got into it during the annual adams morgan day this past weekend. a police officer opened fire killing a pit bull mix. now, that pit's own are are claims the officer was the one out of control. fox 5's paul wagner has the update. gentleman sushi is recuperating at hem. he is laid up with a couple of broken bones in his right paw. >> he got stitches and he has two broken bones that we don't foe yet if he is going to need
5:50 am
surgery or not. >> reporter: sheila martin silva says she had just left the brass knox when her bichon was taxed by pit bull mix. >> i saw when the dog turned around that he was like aggressive and something was going on. >> reporter: she says a large man finally grabbed sushi and handed it back to her. she was hysterical. >> i've never seen the owner trying to held him down and the dog bit him too. >> reporter: aaron block says paris never bit him. he the dog under control when the officer arrived on the scene y you can see the extent of my injuries. hardly really anything at all. >> reporter: block admits paris did bite sushi but was not biting people. >> the officer grabbed, threw my dog down, he landed half on this upper step, half on the
5:51 am
ground on his back on his spine. the officer then ran to the top of these stairs, shot and killed my dog. >> reporter: block says he has been fostering paris for the lucky dog animal rescue and has had him for about a month. >> i believe it is possible at the time that officer fife was in panic mode, that he wasn't thinking clearly. >> reporter: sheila martin silva says she didn't see the shooting but all she knows. >> my view is the police did the right thing. i saw the dog biting. >> police say they have looked and to be justified. the imam behind plans for a mosque at ground zero says it is hallowed ground.
5:52 am
>> i vote in eleks. i pay taxes . i pledge allegiance to the flag. -- i vote in elections. >> this is actually disingenuous as many have said that that ground is hallowed ground with strip joibts around the corner. to claim it is hallowed ground. it is hallowed ground in one sense but it doesn't add. let's clarify that. >> reporter: he also says he still believes a msk and a cultural center near the collapsed twin towers is well worth the fire storm. >> this center will be a place for all faiths to come together as partners and stakeholders in mutual respect. it will bring honor to the city of new york to american muslims across the country and to americans all over the world. >> reporter: a new poll shows that voters overwhelmingly think that the group has the
5:53 am
right to build a center but most of those polls think that it is the wrong thing to do. critics have called for the mosque to be relocated. when asked about some sort of compromise, he had this to say. >> we are exploring all options as we speak right now. we are working through what will be a solution tabooed willing that -- that will be a solution god willing. today appear top story, also primary elections in the district where the mayor will be all but decided. we're coming right back.
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there is no doubt about it. rafael nadal is among the best tennis players of all time. he won the u.s. open in four sets. he becomes the seventh man ever to capture a career grand slam oning all four major tournaments. he won the french open in june, wimbledon in july and now the u.s. open in september.
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monday night football last night. ravens-jets in new york, meadowlands. technically, new jersey. he fumbles, it is recovered by the jets. they would go up 3-0. third and goal for the jets. ravens up one at the half. they end up winning the casive battle. final score 10-9. off the field, the new york jets accused of unsports land hike conduct. a female mexican tv reporter said she felt uncomfortable ate jets practice over the weekend she says players and eastbound coaches threw footballs in her direction and whistled at her and even blocked her path as she tried to walk away. she tweeted this photo of her her at the practice saying jeans and a blouse are appropriate after others had
5:58 am
said she was dressed inappropriately. we have live team coverage coming up after the break on the elect. julie and tony have updates for us on this election day. what's all this? big news! we have another way to help you save. oh, really? how? by bundling. if you get your homeowners and auto insurance together, we give you even more savings.
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